DesMoines Half Marathon 2022

Join us on October 16, 2022

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Sunday, OCTOBER 16, 2022

During the past three years, hunger has quadrupled in Central America! According to the United Nations, Covid set about the worst humanitarian crisis in Central America in more than a century. 

Run with us in 2022, and let’s bring help and hope to hard-working families in Central America that are looking to rebuild their lives. Partnering together with Lutheran Church of Hope’s global partner ENLACE, Run for Central America, will be running the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon on Sunday, October 16th, to raise funds and awareness for this crisis. All funds raised will go to ENLACE’s relief and recovery efforts.

The half marathon distance is the perfect challenge for runners at every level. It is long enough to provide a meaningful challenge and training goal for seasoned runners. At the same time, it is an inspirational stretch goal for runners and walkers that have never gone this far before. Join us! We will support you every step of the way, from training to race day.
Learn more about the official IMT Des Moines Half Marathon charity/training program offered through Lutheran Church of Hope.