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Another neat opportunity- if you somehow missed out earlier this year!  I got to see the life changing work ENLANCE has been doing in Central America first hand in May.  I believed in it so much I wanted to try to support their efforts again this October for the Des Moines Half Marathon.  I don't have to travel nearly as far to run this time.  But the need to fund raise for already identified projects in these rural communities has been in the forefront of my mind since I left El Salvador.  Please consider donating.  Minimal effort on our part can make a monumental change in these communities.  

I am excited to be part of the Run for Central America Team again! We are a new charity running team, so this might be the first you've heard of us.  However, I would imagine you've seen Central America in the news quite a bit lately. We can’t run from the stories of poverty, immigration and conflict. But as part of this team, I have the opportunity to run and make a difference. We are running to raise funds for Central American families as they transform their own communities through a variety of poverty alleviation and community economic development projects.

A $30 gift invests in one family in Central America and helps them thrive for a year!

Would you consider giving and investing in 1, 2, 4 or even more families?
Run for Central America is an initiative of ENLACE. ENLACE (pronounced en-lay-say, the Spanish word for link) is a Central American community development organization with 25 years of experience helping church and civic leaders learn how to work together as a team and attack the fundamental problems that keep their communities trapped in the cycle of poverty. ENLACE coaches these local leaders in how to install clean water systems, provide loans to women starting small businesses, build schools and health clinics, construct homes for families and so much more.  About ENLACE.


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