Yooooooooo!!!  I will be running the Chicago Half Marathon on September 26th!!  My feet and legs are already sore from the few runs (ok mostly walks) that I have done already. I know it will be a butt ton of work but I am already encouraged by the number of people that have already encouraged me in this. I will take any tips, tricks, running partners, or encouragement that any of you can muster!! I would also like for you to consider donating to the incredible organization that has somehow decided to let me on their team!

A little more about them. . . . . . 

According to a 2021 United Nations News Report, hunger has quadrupled in Central America during the past two years. COVID-19 lockdowns and multiple devastating hurricanes have caused the region to experience the sharpest increase in extreme hunger of any region of the world. The World Food Programme is calling for international support to provide urgent humanitarian assistance in Central America.

Run for Central America is an initiative of ENLACE. ENLACE (pronounced en-lay-say, the Spanish word for link) is a Central American community development organization with 27 years of experience helping church and civic leaders learn how to work together as a team and attack the fundamental problems that keep their communities trapped in the cycle of poverty. During this COVID crisis, ENLACE is 100% focused on supporting churches that are providing direct food aid, and helping farmers with training and resources to have successful harvests so that they can provide for their families. About ENLACE.