I am planning to walk 220 miles, the distance across El Salvador; East to West and North to South. My own event, the Enlace 220M. I will walk from my home, out the MKT to the Katy Trail. Round trip will be 220 miles. I will post about noon and where I actually end each day. My planned overnights are Hartsburg(camping), Tebbitts(Turner Hostel), Bluffton (camping), and then just enjoy the adventure. Feel free to join me at any point on my journey. Call Joyce to learn if I need anything.

I will walk to support the work of Enlace. You can read about Enlace below. I have made a mission trip to El Salvador and seen the work in communities. With improvement in folks lives, they now have hope for a better future. 

Run for Central America is an initiative of ENLACE. ENLACE (pronounced en-lay-say, the Spanish word for link) is a Central American community development organization with 26 years of experience helping church and civic leaders learn how to work together as a team and attack the fundamental problems that keep their communities trapped in the cycle of poverty. ENLACE coaches these local leaders in how to install clean water systems, provide loans to women starting small businesses, build schools and health clinics, construct homes for families and so much more. About ENLACE.